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The Feeling of Life

How did it get like this? Why is there a deep hole of emptiness? How can it be filled? Can it be filled? Or can it just be... happy.

I feel happy when the blade marks your throat! I feel giddy when it tears the flesh under your arm. And I feel positively ecstatic when the blood soaks the ground...

You'll never know me. I never knew you. You only thought of me when you were paralyzed with fear. The fear of someone... something watching you gnawing at your mind more and more each day. I consume you until you THINK you know who I am: just a gnawing thought, a human liquidator, or the darkness of the shadows close to you.

I am the one that sees you sleep. I am the one who hears knows your thoughts. I am the one that haunts your dreams. And I am the one that will make you run.

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