March 31, 2016 -Thursday- 11:00 am

Hello. I have been a big fan of creepypasta for years now and I've decided to write them too. :D I've always been a big enthusiast when it comes to the increasing suspense to the point where things pop out. I also am a fan of gore ;) Seeing blood come out and eyes pop out hypes me up.

The truth is that I've already wrote quite a great number of books in Wattpad except that they're all either romance, melodrama or erotic stories.

I can't say I'm skilled but I will try to do my best to make original and bone chilling stories. I've always dreamed to become a writer. So I thought that I should start with the mental diseases genre; my all time favorite category.

I will be honest to you guys. I have a few mental disorders such as anxiety, paranoia and borderline personality disorder. It's not really a great feeling to have anxiety within. That's why I'm "battling" it by reading and writing horror stories. It's my goal to defeat my weaknesses. And sure enough it was effective.

I really hope you guys would enjoy my stories. :) Even just a little, please help me with my stories by commenting, criticizing and editing them if you want. It'll surely be fun and all of us can improve on this.

Thank you for reading my first blog and may we get along~ Until the next blog. :)

AndromaliustheGreat out.