My activity on this site seems to have diminished so much I'm sure there are some of you wondering who I am.

You're probably expecting a sad story about how my life isn't headed in the right direction, how I hate what the wiki has become, how I have other commitments and must leave the wiki behind for a while. But to be honest, none of that would be entirely true.

I just haven't been very active. I can't really justify why, and I think that's about all I can say for myself. And there are definitely no hard feelings between me and this community - as a matter of fact you guys have helped me so much that in order to move on, be active and keep producing new stories I'm going to need to take a few steps back.

You see when I joined this wiki I was just an average writer, and I have written a few stories that are 'decent' to say the least. But as my skill progressed I became more critical of my own writing, as well as the writing of others. So today I asked for all my stories to be removed from the wiki so I can have a chance to 'remaster' them, I suppose. Just iron out all the issues that I had, and all the issues that other critics had, and publish a better story than I previously had.

I'd like to apologize to any poor souls who actually enjoyed my writing and wanted to read some of my stories in the next week or two, but I mean, it's for a better cause?

Anyway I wouldn't mind having a few people privately review my stories (preferably through email) so I can iron out any and all creases they have. If your up for helping me out just email me at any and all help would be appreciated.

Anyway that's all for today I'll be more active now and will try to tone down on my shit-stirring and sarcasm.