Yes, this is a dark topic; but we are on a horror-based website.

So, I am here today to ask you all a question. That is, what is the best way to get away with murder?

No, I am not inciting violence or creating this blog post so we can all plan a string of murders together. I am simply asking; what is the best way you have seen in text, TV, or in your own sick mind that seems to be the best possible way of getting away with murder.

Personally, I think Dexter Morgan from the TV Series Dexter is probably the most realistic and efficient killer I have seen. He targets murderers who have escaped justice, cuts them up, and dumps them into the ocean. So already, the missing persons reports of his victims will probably be pushed aside due to obvious reasons. Also, unless somebody is to discover the bodies, he will not be hunted for his killings. Similar to the killings of Jeffrey Dahmer, the police will have nothing to go on until bodies are discovered, or until somebody dobs him in. 

Hannibal is also a pretty efficient killer, but I find that leaving his bodies on display and taking organs away from them leaves too much evidence for him to be as efficient as Dexter. Also, Hannibal kills those he has met before, so an ID on the victim and a little research could always lead back to Dr. Lecter.

Currently I am working on a story (aptly named; Venomous) in which the killer uses venomous creatures to dispatch his victims. Instead of killing his victims with weapons and putting them on display, he allows them to be bitten by a venomous snake, spider, or another other lethal creature (we have lots in Australia so it's not unrealistic), and simply subdues them or prevents them from getting help until it is too late. This leaves little to no evidence, and thus if it was ruled as a murder there would be hardly anything to go on.

I'm really keen to hear the answers of others, as I think that Serial Killers are perhaps one of the most interesting topics to discuss, and I don't believe I have seen a blog post about a similar idea!