I have enjoyed many of the horrifying lore of Creepypasta (The Russian Sleep Experiment is my *favorite*), although I usually hear them from some
of my friends who edit here (I believe Creepypasta is more petrifying told than read. Personal bias). Anyway, I found out about that incident on May 30th and believe that BOTH the victim and this wiki deserve respect. However, many of my friends and fellow Admins of Cryptid Wiki were appalled by the detestable language used in your disclaimer. Right now, the world views Creepypasta wiki’s leaders as totalitarian (no freedom of speech) demagogues who preach words of hatred and violence. I know this is NOT true. Prove them wrong!!! Change the disclaimer so that it is sincerer and more civilized.

With Respect

AmazingAncientWord (talk) 23:07, June 3, 2014 (UTC)AmazingAncientWord