I started out with creepypastas thanks to some of the most popular narrators such as: Creepsmcpasta, Creepypastajr and of course Mr.Creepypasta. In time it became a routine of mine to listen to them before I went to bed. Soon I found myself using them as a method of falling asleep. To have an experienced voice whisper horrors into your ears as you drift off into a world of infinite possibility. Honestly, it sounds risky to do, but that's neither here nor there.

Soon I ran out of quality stories that could be told to me, so I began reading them. I first found my stories on backwater websites, a few diamonds in the rough, but mostly gravel. I jumped from website to website and even made a few pasta dishes of my own. I eventually found this place and it has been my sole source of soul-searing pleasure.

During a time between writing and listening, I contemplating putting my voice out there. I have been told that I have quite the soothing voice, I also feel as though I have the ability to put myself into the moment. I believe I can bring adequate emotion to my voice to narrate an appetizing pasta. However, to be accomplished, or even recognized takes substantial effort, self promotion and raw talent. I tend to only take things seriously for a set amount of time before it drops off.

As roundabout as this has all been, it leads me to a question. I understand that most of these popular narrators seldom have the time to respond to even a fraction of those that try and get a hold of them; however do you think it would be more effective to include a narrated piece of mine to show them, or a written piece? I can see a narrated piece catching their attention by bringing something to the table that few have when they send their messages. I can also see the harm in it, if perhaps I am self absorbed and not able to see the poor quality I produced. The person I message would think "This... is hard to listen to" and move on with their lives. I suppose I might answer my own question and just create, share, and receive honest feedback from friends and colleagues. If its good, submit it to be covered by someone of status. If only my written words are good, go that route. If neither are good, I can just try and get better, haha.

Here is a question that can be answered however,

Does anyone have experience narrarating? Does anyone have experience reaching out to people who can narrarate? Or do you simply just sit idley by, waiting to be picked up as you continue to produce creepypastas?

I'm not particularly looking for a guide to exposure as much as I would like to read your experiences and take what knowledge I can from what I can.