• Alue14

    Lack of stories.

    September 8, 2013 by Alue14

    Hey, guys, sorry for not posting any stories for God knows how long. But I can explain that.

    You see, I've got a couple of things that had happened to me all those months that I have been here. Firstly, a very big lack of inspiration. Second, a whole lot of shit that happened to me in RL and third, just no time to sit back and write anything.

    I hope you can forgive me for that.

    But I think I'll be writing again in the next following months. I have a new surge of creativity and I would like to share it with you guys.

    Hopefully, you guys can forgive me for those things.

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  • Alue14

    Hey, fellas!

    Well, I'm kinda new around here, but I got quite a couple of ideas to write stories here!

    For as the ones that have seen that little thingie called 'The Story of Okha 2', that's my first contribution. I'm a fan of the Urban Myth of the Lost Cosmonauts, and I'm planning to write more of those thingies, depicting stuff about all things of the old Soviet Union.

    Another thing that I'm planining to write in the future, are creepy journals. I don't know if there's a category for Transcripts, but I'm planning to write a couple of those, too.

    Anyways, y'all are goin' to see more of me in the future! Let's hope that I'll make something that would last for the ages!

    Leave something behind if ya wanna talk to me. If ya have a Gmail account, w…

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