So last night I saw the trailer for Unfriended, and I'm Underwhelmed and Appalled. Two negative emotions that don't outweigh each other, just sort of match. What's my problem with it? Well...

The movie tells the story of a girl who is bullied on the internet and commits suicide as a result. The breaking point being when someone uploads a demeaning video online. The film cuts to what I'm guessing the main premise where these kids are communicating via video chat. In the middle of it an unknown user joins the chat, and doesn't show up on video. OOOOOOH! Spooky! It turns out that it's probably the girl who killed herself looking for revenge, and probably one of the friends video chatting is the person that uploaded the video.

Call me Mr. Softy, but I find this movie offensive, and insensitive. I respect hollywood for trying new ideas, and not another cookiecutter slasher or ghost film, but this is just MEAN and STUPID. The film has SOME creative commentary about bullying online users, and the consequences I suppose, but the setup is mean spirited. In the past few years we've seen some people commit suicide online due to bullying, and this film certainly doesn't have respect for them. Are their families, who might ALSO be hurt by this film going to receive money for it?

Not to mention, yeah it's stupid. Just because it's setup is good, doesn't mean the film itself is going to be good. Remember Ouija? How no one exactly did it's premise before, unfortuanatley no one creative, and we got OUIJA. There seems to be a new fad amongst poor filmmakers, that "Hey, if the setup's good, we don't have to try that hard!" This is a subgenre of films, and they might not have a title of their own yet, but that is exactly what they are. Original setups used as excuses to make poorly conceived films.

This trailer shows limited creativity once the shit hits the fan, and it's a cheap way to cash in on controversy. 2/10