So it's time for real thoughts. As my blog evolved into a text web-series the presentation is more based on me, than actually me, another character entirely at times. While my parallel Alstinson shows my honest feelings most of the time, and it did with the new one, especially with an interesting use of satire, I didn't get to say how it made me feel to the best of my abilities.

First off, it's really bad. And I don't mean like it was the hardest thing to read, but boy was it hard. Exaggeration was the key to the comedy in the review. It was bland and not well written, but I may not have hated on it as much, if it were not OVERRATED. 

That justifies the criticism of the story. And I think that it deserved to be booted off the wiki. I felt that the character was written as a vanity story. Also, I think people were afraid of some it's themes, because there is some psychological horror, but it's just not well written. It was horrendus. LOL I mean, I'm not as mean as my Hardcore Critiquing self, but it was a legitimately bad story. God. LOL 

What was a lot of fun was making jokes around it, I really enjoyed that. And I guess if there is something I've gained from reading that Cancer Pasta,( it was a joke I'm not as dark as my written self), it's that I enjoyed parodying it. But yeah, not a lot to say. It was annoying to read that's it. Nowhere near as dramatic as portrayed in my critique, obviously, but not even satire wise. I guess the story is bad enough to deserve my criticism, but my distaste for it is not so strong.

This was my honest thoughts. And with my Critiques being more of a show now, I may do this again. Thanks for reading.