Are we sure my latest Critique doesn't explain it? LOL Sorry guys, the newest update is indeed an April Fools Day joke. And what better time to do another Real Thoughts? I literally gave you guys NOTHING LOL

Well, I mean what made the story fun for me last year, back when I read it was that it had a unique concept. I think it may or may not been the first video game pasta I read, but it was certainly one of the more interesting ones.

It had a captivating mystery sort of going, and it was worth reading for me then, and got me into reading it then because of it. I remember as I read it, I completely forgot it was a CP and I thought, "A THEATER AS THE PREMISE FOR A VIDEO GAME?! How are they going to do this? How are they going to pull this off?" I was dissapointed when I saw it was an endless loop, and the game was unplayable past the starting line. It was interesting because of how bizzare it seemed, but I was still mad that I didn't get it. Wants the point of the ending, despite the bizzare, or is it only aiming to be bizzare?

As I reread and played the fan game, I came to an understanding that the concept was that there was a whole game, and we've been forbidden to play it. And that is unique, and filled me with new found wonder and appreciation for the story.

Still it's not all that noteworthy, and my opinion of it is genuinly nothing special,  good or bad. My mixed outlook isn't very strong either, I still say it is what it is and hard to constantly enjoy for that reason alone. 

I appreciate it nostalgically and give it points for it's creativity, but as I've said it's nothing to special, and the absolute ending throws of the meaning of the story. 6/10