My Critique of Jeff the Killer is making good progress, and is fun to write. Here is a preview.

Welcome, Fellow Critics! I couldn't call myself a "Creepypasta Critic" (or is it "Critique Pasta") without reviewing arguably the worst, MOST overrated one of them all, Jeff The Killer!

I was sceptical about doing this one, because honestly, everyone and their GRANDMA had something to say about it and I'm not only late for that train, it's long gone! But I've dedicated my Blog on cataloging and spewing hate for all the shoddy Pastas, so how can I not include this one?! 

This one hasn't JUST been arrested by the community, it's been sentenced to DEATH! It has been deleted from the Wiki, and is disallowed to EVEN be commented on! So, let's hope this doesn't count as "commentary". 

I can't attack it as a criminal of the site, because it has ALREADY served justice. So, I want you to think of my take as a DOCUMENTARY. A documentary that is reminding you of what a menace the story was, like one of Adolf Hitler, only this one is the Hitler of Creepypastas. Let's be glad that Jeff The Killer is a stiff himself, this is his story!