So, a lot of you are avid horror readers. I was wondering if you can help me find what must be an obscure or barely published book. It was one of the first collection of short stories I read, and I was really young, so I can only describe it in detail that I remember in NOSTALGIC detail. 

So, the cover depicts a beast ripping through, as though he is escaping the book and coming into our reality. I remember really liking the cover. I can remember the basics of three stories in the collection, and one title. 

There was one about a cruel boy who possesed a magic gem he could control reality with. He was living with a girl and her grandma. He would torture them with it if they didn't comply with his demands, and once he made the grandma bite her lips until she bled. 

In one notably scary scene he watches a couple across the street and turns one or both of them into skeletons. 

One of the stories is called, Like Mother, Like Daughter. It is about a Mother who wears a baseball cap and tells her daughter they musn't go out in public, and both her and her daughter end up being secluded wearing baseball caps for some reason. The fear was subtle and it was told excellently dark and mysteriously.

One I vaguely remember is about a boy who goes on an airplane trip. I think this one is similair to the plot of The Langoliers, the passangers dissapear, and I think he's left alone with a strange family wearing navy blue outfits.

Well that's what I remember of the collection. If anyone knows about this collection, please let me know, I'd like to read it again. However, if it is in fact published in few copies in a general area, that's very sad. As I demonstrated the author clearly has writing talent, and I fondly remember those stories.  

If you could tell me what the book is called, that would be great. If not I hope you enjoyed the recollection. I'd be happy to answer the few questions that I can, the bits I remember of the book.