If it hasn't been clear with the silence over the last two months, I am on a hiatus. Indefinate in it's own right.

I have some stuff written, like a crummy rough draft for the next review that needs some serious rewrite and revision. I know you guys mostly like my reviews, but I don't shitpost anymore, I put actual determination and effort in what I create now.

Some things prolonging the Hiatus. Lack of resources, lack of ambition, focus on life. I want to make funny reviews, but lack of decent software, and losing equipment that used to make this child's play, has instead turned it into a chore. And with my income and life patterns I cannot simply purchase new equipment. I have been downgraded to a tedius on screen keyboard.

I also don't have ambition, due to lack of interest in my return from readers of the critiques. Feedback is incentive for any writer to keep trying, good or bad. And I have gotten none for the new Critique, 20 Questions. Altogether, I got one nice message about the reupload of the classic Jeff the Killer review.

I'm not telling you what to do, but if I have readers I want them to be as excited getting Critiques, as I am posting them. 

That's all for now, hope this explains the Hiatus better. Have cool ideas, hope everyone likes them. -Alstinson