Writing is theraputic, and so is comedy and doing the Critiques is something that always cheers me up. I suffer from Depression and Anxiety as a mental disorder, and I have really come a long way in feeling better, but it's still insufferable. I wanted to make this blog post to tell you how much it means to me that Some of you read and laugh at my critiques. If not for the attention they get, I wouldn't be so eager to continue to create them, or put effort into making them.

Anxiety has been beating me up mentally the past two days, and I have only gotten twelve hours of sleep in that time. Yeah, I know that sounds uncomfortable. So, let's talk lightweight, at what is comfortable.

While a lot of Creepypasta can be depressing, a lot is just plain fun to read. And writing my critiques and getting feedback means a lot to me. Me and my sister love comedy and we aim to make cartoon series someday, as we are going back to school for, and that's what making Critiques and getting feedback simulates. It simulates that accomplishment, as people enjoy my work and laugh, and give me incentive to believe I actually DO have some talent. And from the bottom of my heart, Thank You. These are things that are meaningful to me, and I guess that's it. Thanks for reading, and I will continue to satire Creepypasta, as people thankfully see what I see in it. And I will discuss this another time. Thanks for listening.