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    Reddit Nosleep

    September 15, 2016 by Alstinson

    Not too active on here. For those interested, I've been considering returning to the critiques, even if you guys are bored with them. Currently writing stories on Reddit Nosleep, which I feel can have stronger immersion than the realm of Creepypasta websites. Have you heard of it? What do you think of Nosleep?

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  • Alstinson


    September 4, 2016 by Alstinson

    Welcome Fellow Critics, to my analyzing of the dark and the lesser dark of the internet, mostly lesser dark because that's entertaining and hilarious. The following is a collection of Critiques I have made in the past. I'm thinking of continuing to produce these, and I definitely wanted to reupload in blog form. If new should appear, I will put in double effort to maintain grammar quality, feel free to laugh at my old work... 

    for the comedy I wrote!

    Welcome, Fellow Critics! Let's talk about theories. No! Not that kind of theory! It's ENTERTAINING, EDUCATIONAL and INTERESTING! I am talking about the opposite. Fan Theories!

    While debatable, whether or not these theories actually are a genre of Creepy…

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  • Alstinson

    I am the Great Alstinsono! For a small price, I can predict your future! Welcome! Welcome! What is your name, new traveler? No, let me answer. Your name is...? Jeff! Ha Ha Ha! Dumb reference. Hey, not that I can't predict it, but what is your real name?

    "I AM THE GREAT RONWE! THE REAL KNOWER OF ALL!" The great, what? Oh, Jesus! More competition! Look pal, I hardly make anything off this carnival, so if you could just-


    That's amazing! You shouldn't waste this as some circus act! Go improve the world! "DON'T WORRY, THE GREAT RONWE PUTS THIS POWER TO GOOD USE!" Good. What do you do with it?…

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    Concerning the Hiatus

    December 20, 2015 by Alstinson

    If it hasn't been clear with the silence over the last two months, I am on a hiatus. Indefinate in it's own right.

    I have some stuff written, like a crummy rough draft for the next review that needs some serious rewrite and revision. I know you guys mostly like my reviews, but I don't shitpost anymore, I put actual determination and effort in what I create now.

    Some things prolonging the Hiatus. Lack of resources, lack of ambition, focus on life. I want to make funny reviews, but lack of decent software, and losing equipment that used to make this child's play, has instead turned it into a chore. And with my income and life patterns I cannot simply purchase new equipment. I have been downgraded to a tedius on screen keyboard.

    I also don't hav…

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  • Alstinson

    New Critiques on hold up

    November 19, 2015 by Alstinson

    The next Critique is finished in rough draft form, but it will be a while before it's finished. Theres a tedius rewrite, and copy process to do.

    All that said, the process is tedius, I don't always have computer access (it's complicated) and I'm coping with depression. It will be a while.

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