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Hi guys, guess if you want to feel safer about talking to me... I'll make this.... yeeeeeah

NAME: Nezpart Walph

AGE: 24

GENDER: Female


JOB: Pilot for Bush Caddys

PERSONALITY: I'm pretty calm, but I go fricken balistic when I talk about CreepyPasta. I'm usually pretty depressed and sad, huddled in a corner but I also try to see the good things in life.

HISTORY: Well, basically I live in Canada, and my father has always been abusive to me, my mom and two sisters. We decided to leave him when i was 4. Shortly after we got our new house, my Grandpa died of a heart attack, the very next year my Grandma died of heart-brake. When i was 11, my dad moved away to Ontario, and we could never see him because neither us or him could fly out to see eachother, then my sisters died when a car ran over them when we were walking home. When I was 16, Dad died. He apparently had lung cancer, and he didn't know before it was too late. Now it was just me and my mom.

LIKES: CreepyPasta, MLP, Doctor Who, other creepy crap...

DISLIKES: um... friends. :3

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