And no, I'm not saying "Oh no everyone likes Slenderman and Jeff The Killer and I think they're overrated!"

I'm talking about my own work. I personally thought one of my stories was a great story about perspective shifts (to them, we're the "monsters"), and no one has quoted it or done a youtube narration, or reposted it. Now, normally I wouldn't care - I wasn't writing to gain notoriety in the first place - but, another story of mine has been both reposted and narrated, Always Look Behind You. There's a thing about that story though: I think it's actually really dumb, some of my worst writing yet. Still Winter, which I consider a decent, but incredibly cliched, is also narrated and reposted. Worse yet, Death and The Silver Prison and That Damned Phrase, which were both trollpastas, have been reposted on different websites twice. Each. It's like an alternate universe where the only works of Stephen King that people liked were essays he wrote in middle school.

So here's what I must ask, dearest creepypasters, why do people like my work, but only when I'm less-than-fond of it?