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  • I live in A location!
  • I was born on March 7
  • My occupation is Student, future physicist, author, webcartoonist
  • I am Male
  • AlixeTiir

    And no, I'm not saying "Oh no everyone likes Slenderman and Jeff The Killer and I think they're overrated!"

    I'm talking about my own work. I personally thought one of my stories was a great story about perspective shifts (to them, we're the "monsters"), and no one has quoted it or done a youtube narration, or reposted it. Now, normally I wouldn't care - I wasn't writing to gain notoriety in the first place - but, another story of mine has been both reposted and narrated, Always Look Behind You. There's a thing about that story though: I think it's actually really dumb, some of my worst writing yet. Still Winter, which I consider a decent, but incredibly cliched, is also narrated and reposted. Worse yet, Death and The Silver Prison and That …

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  • AlixeTiir


    July 3, 2012 by AlixeTiir

    Many of you have probably noticed my inactivity, I'm really sorry about it, my life has just been very busy as of late. Again, I'm very, very sorry, but I'm probably going to be inactive for a few more weeks, and hopefully I'll be less busy then. I'll still be in contact with those of you who know my AIM or Skype. I'll stop by chat once in a while if I can, but no promises on that.

    If you're wondering why I'm inactive, all I can say is something very vague: there are things that are more important to me than the wiki at the moment, and they require a lot of my time and attention.


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  • AlixeTiir

    Dear other admins

    I would kindly request that when you ban a user for not updating the article listing, that you add their page to the article listing for them, because they can't exactly do it while banned, and they sure as hell won't do it when they come back. I've been noticing an increasing number of situations where a user is banned for not updating the article listing, but the admin who banned them doesn't add the article; unless it's really, really, really bad(in which case, delete it), please update the article listing for the user you banned, so that sloshy doesn't have to do it.

    Dear users

    Update the AL when you post a story.

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  • AlixeTiir

    So, I was wondering what the policy is on altlang pages. Do we add translations to a subpage, or a header in the current page?

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  • AlixeTiir

    Apparently, my baby brother deleted the one I had, and replaced it with a minecraft retexture. Anyone got any suggestions as to what my new desktop should be?

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