Okay, so as we know, Britain currently operates under an unelected, totalitarian oligarchy that has taken it upon itself to systematically dismantle our (already oversteched) military, to disassemble the national health service and introduce borderline-illegal taxes on the poor to price them out of the housing market and ghettoise them in overpopulated slums.

The "Atos" corporation has caused to date much mental anguish and many suicides that have mostly gone unreported in mainstream media, this corporate entity's facilities was described as "disability denial factorys" and deemed (quote) "unfit for purpose"  in America due to its morally bankrupt business practices.

This French I.T company does not employ any medical professionals, instead choosing to employ mainly midwives and physiotherapists that have taken only a six day course, no account has been taken of personal circumstances, it is mearly an exercise in box ticking, basically, if someone can move one arm and breathe they are "fit for work", this includes confirmed cases of terminal cancer patients being denied any aid from the state and many have subsequently died before being able to claim any benefit what-so-ever.

This is a cynical cost-cutting exercise and makes no prevision for people to acquire any gainful employment.

We in Britain are currently experiencing the largest transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich in history, our unelected government seem on the very edge of practising forced euthanasia and eugenics; I have also noticed many unnerving similarities between current day Britain and 1930's Germany just during the rise of Nazi party, the forced relocation of "undesirable" sections of society, the demonisation of the poor, the mentally ill and physically disabled, the ghettoisation of certain sections of society, the rhetoric is the same.

I truly feel for these people, they have capped all rises in there benefits yet inflation continues to rise disproportionally, the poorer sections of society are being drained of what little they have, while the rich elite are raising there bonuses and taking direct subsidation from the tax payers, they lower the wages of the poor and increase there own.

As far as I am concerned this is wholly unacceptable, these people need our support not our disdain.

I feel somewhat a hypocrite coming from a wealthy background, I have however (quite unbeknownst to my family) used most of what they give me to fund charity's and many of the food banks that have had to open to keep these people from starving under the merciless percicution of this neo-nazi government.

I apologise for ranting like this, but I am a liberal and this kind of persicution does not sit well with me.

As always, please pardon my spelling. Thank you.


p.s I'll try to write something nice next time :).