aka Alice Sinclair Alexandra Mariabelle

  • I live in England, Yorkshire.
  • I was born on April 1
  • I am Female
  • AliceinLonderland

    I've read quite a few of the pastas posted on here, and come to realise my work is, in comparison, sub par.

    The fact is I am educated far beyond my actual intellectual capacity, and as such while I can use pretty word's and express myself quite well I've very little idea of what to express.

    I tend to take my inspiration from other's works, book's I've read, games and movies, so anything I write will be derivative, I lack imagination and continually alter what I origionally planned, probably through a lack of confedence so I assume they will be somewhat convoluted and disjointed.

    It's not going to stop me writing them as I enjoy doing so, however I wish to apologise for the poor quality, and will not mind if they are deemed too shoddy and dele…

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  • AliceinLonderland

    Okay, so as we know, Britain currently operates under an unelected, totalitarian oligarchy that has taken it upon itself to systematically dismantle our (already oversteched) military, to disassemble the national health service and introduce borderline-illegal taxes on the poor to price them out of the housing market and ghettoise them in overpopulated slums.

    The "Atos" corporation has caused to date much mental anguish and many suicides that have mostly gone unreported in mainstream media, this corporate entity's facilities was described as "disability denial factorys" and deemed (quote) "unfit for purpose"  in America due to its morally bankrupt business practices.

    This French I.T company does not employ any medical professionals, instead …

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