• Ahri-chan

    A farewell.

    August 8, 2014 by Ahri-chan

    This blog post is a farewell only on the recently instituted chats.

    It has been a while since I made a blog post. This blog post of mine will honestly highlight the reasons why I'm going to leave the recently instituted chats of the Creepypasta Wiki.

    1. Unwelcoming community

    The community is rather unwelcoming to be frank. The chat is very active during the night with constant sex talk, semi-offensive and/or offensive jokes, and the immaturity that's always a constant thing in the chat. A lot of users are proven to be rude and wouldn't try to give out empathy to people who doesn't have the same ilk as they have.

    2. Incompetent moderators

    Some moderators of the chat are quite incompetent to be quite honest. Some of them let their friends go over …
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  • Ahri-chan

    Alright, guys. In response to the recent chat shutdown, here I am in my first blog post.

    I am quite annoyed by the actions of some people leaving this site just because chat was shut down. While chat isn't the only way to communicate in this site, we could use our own talk pages. But it would take some time for others to reply, but it's a versatile choice if you want to ignore the waiting time.

    I understand why the chat was shut down. It was because of the political drama and the newcomers who abuse the loophole of the chat guidelines, or the rules or whatever policy we have on the chat. Being a chat moderator is a tedious job to do here. We can't trust people, mainly the newcomers to leave them be without breaking a single rule.

    The picture …

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