I just had to post a blog for this. So, I was watching this talk show kind of thing on youtube and there’s this segment on there where the two guys that have the show receive mail from their viewers. They pull this out of the shipping box:


A SMILE DOG DOLL! I started laughing. Well actually it's more like puppet but whatever. There was a letter with it too which they read aloud. Apparently the viewer that sent this in is a dentist and he found the doll at the place where he works. He said it was used to teach children how to take care of their teeth. I’m thinking to myself, what kind of kid would want to associate that with brushing their teeth? Also the dog’s teeth make this weird clacking sound and I know this sounds stupid but, what if that’s real teeth? Like dentures sort of? Its probably plastic though. Anyway, now we know that most likely this is where the author of Smiledog.jpg got his inspiration from because I think the dog’s a little older than the pasta, then again I might be wrong. Seriously, that's traumatizing for a kid!