Hey, as you can tell I'm sure, I am new here. So, I have no idea how to do a blog so I'll do this one on just a few little things about me, just a short one.

I'm 17 years old living in the state of West Virginia. I have two tattoos, one is a sort of cat/bat type thing 9cat with bat wings) on a moon with some little bats flying around. My other tattoo is the Starbucks logo but instead it says "Basic Witch". I also have some piercings. I have my belly button pierced and I have my snakebites down (piercings on each side of the lower lip). I still want to get my nose done but I have to wait until after Christmas. My mom is going to get me a tattoo around tax time down my left arm that says "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good" with dog paws and walk paws at the beginning and deer and rat paws at the end because ya know, I'm a Major nerd who loves Harry Potter. One major thing of my life in my self harming past. I have stopped for a while, however I have relapsed before and I'm not counting on being able to stay away from the blade.

Before I go I want to mention this one last thing and hope to not be judged. Yes I am 17 but I do have a fiancé. The best in the world <3. He has helped me so much and lives with since the end of September 2016. We are going back to his home state for Christmas (Connecticut) to visit his grandparents and his mom. On January 12, 2017 it'll be our 2 year anniversary. So excited XD.

That's all for now, bye lovelies!

~Addams Family (AKA: Sabrina)