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Good day, sirs and madams

Good day, sirs and madams!

I joined ths very Wikia nearly... Was it a month ago? Ah, yes it was.

  • Ahem* Well, I have joined this wikia not long ago and the people here are nice, although a few hooligans dare to "rustle my Skittles!"... What? What in the name of posh fanciness are Jimmies?! That makes no bally sense!

Um, anyway, things are nice here and all that. I plan to work up the ranks, gain some control over this site. Once I do, WORLD DOMINATION SHALL BE MINE, CHAPS! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH-

Wait, are you still here? Sorry about that, I tend to be a bit of an evil genius. Pleasentries to everyone, for taking time to read this.

Yours sincerely,

Ace Of All

AKA Guardian of Wonderland, Trump Card, Blackjack Aristocrat etc.

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