• Abysmii

    Update and Information

    December 12, 2016 by Abysmii

    Hello everyone.

    For anyone who has stumbled upon my page, my narrations at Apeiropillar Productions, etc., I feel I should make this blog post so no one is confused or gets the wrong idea. I'm still getting comments and questions, so I will set the record straight.

    I am no longer narrating creepypastas. The only narration work I do is requests from friends, official work on Manor House, and the very, very rare instance where I will make a video featuring multiple voice actors (not to mention hosted on channels other than my own). I will provide links and examples below.

    Now, if you are still curious, on to the 'Why'. Short story: I got burned out, bored, and wanted to do other things.

    Long story:

    I started narrating creepypastas as a means …

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