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  • My occupation is Controlling your mind!
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  • Abethedemon

    This is kinda lame, but my pastas don't have that much commentary to them. I would appreciate any commentary be it constructive or destructive

    The Horrid Tale of Martin Mole

    The Hitchhiker

    I am the Watcher

    I am terribly sorry about this, I just want feedback!

    Abethedemon 16:52, April 7, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Abethedemon

    How do you delete tags and change names on articles?

    HOW DO????????

    I must know

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  • Abethedemon

    Hello everybody!

    This may be a bit trollish, but I would like to advertise my own website so that you may just go to it. It's updated whenever the flark I choose

    In this thingy, I review monsters of awesomeness and non awesomeness.

    So, yeh

    Also, what music do you guys listen to? Lavender town's theme on repeat 24/7 or what?

    So I would like to hear from you guys.

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