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    Don't you just absolutely HATE  it when you are writing a story, poem or whatever the heck you're writing. And your laptop, computer, whatever the heck you're using shuts off deleting everything you had wrote? Especially if what you had been writing is too long and too detailed to be re-wrote right away.

    I was in the middle of writing a Creepypasta that took me about two or three hours to write (Wasn't even half way done). When my laptop showed that it needed to be charged. And so I just plugged the charger in and continued on typing the story in. A few moments later, my laptop shuts down. I froze at my place, I didn't know if i should be pissed off, sad, or just wanted to smash my laptop to pieces. I looked over to my right, only to find ou…

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    Yeah, hello there. My name is Aika and i'm that one cold hearted freak.

    Okay so, i've been reading Creepypastas and visiting this wiki for about... A year and a half now? And i finally decided to make a user and join the fun. (Took me long enough, lol.)

    It's funny how all those scary movies, stories, games and further on. Are meant to be scary but! Not to me. I see people all around me freaking out seeing those things but to me, it's just for my amusment. I find myself enjoying the fear mixed with confusion on people's faces while watching those movies or playing those games and ask myself, how come i'm not scared? Is it because I've seen enough of that in real life that it doesn't matter to me seeing it in those movies and games or stories? Or is it beca…

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