No, there is nothing wrong with me. I'm not a weird freak. Actually, yes I am. I'm not dumb, I'm not insane... yet... but I am three wolves in one smile. No one knows what that means? Okay...

I am three people, three stages, but they all have one thing in common. They have the same smile. 

Stage 1- RainbowsWolf

Some of you people may know me on Wattpad, some may not. RainbowsWolf is the lovey, creative person in me. Someone who can write wonderfully, with skill. I'll just tell you one thing. This is not me. RainbowsWolf is its own person, depending on how I feel. I... Have different minds. I'll explain later.

Stage 2- Kitah

Kitah, the irresponsible, insane, teenage girl that doesn't ever want to grow up. She is my fierce side, and my messed up, dirty, trouble-making side. She can slip me from any trouble, get me into all trouble, and can get lots of friends. Kitah became one of me when two people brought my wild side out. I won't give names, but all I'll say is, Kitah is almost never out, but when she is, its party all night, messing around with my guy-friends, playing around with girls' emotions, and just being that exciting person everyone loves. 

Stage 3- BlackHalo

BlackHalo has got to be the one that shows up the most. She came when Kitah did. BlackHalo is that person who stays in their room, playing video games or just reading, or being emo. She usually comes after Kitah, but on some occasions, after a good old slicing-skin, Kitah will emerge after BlackHalo.

These three are like my OCs. BlackHalo, being my MLP OC, Kitah, being my wolf OC, and RainbowsWolf, my human OC. Each of these three are asked muiltiple questions of their own, like, RainbowsWolf being, Do you want to enter this contest? or, How did you do it so well?! Kitah, is like, "Why did you do that?! and, "Oh my GOD! How often do you do this? BlackHalo more like, "Are you okay?" or, "What's the problem?" 

Who's side do I like the most? Depends. When I am RainbowsWolf, I yearn for Kitah. When I am Kitah, I want to stay that way. When I'm BlackHalo, I want RainbowsWolf, or sometimes Kitah when I'm depressed. So probably...