Now, everyone has heard of Jeff the Killer. This alone could sadden me, as I hope it does for all of you. However, it would be easier to accept the fact that the face of Creepypasta has slandered if I knew who it was that did it. It is (on the original Creepypasta website) to a certain sesseur. If you Google this name, a name of a user appears on DeviantArt. That name is Jeff. While this page is extremely vulgar, it is also one of the most viewed Deviants I have seen (about 20,000 views). He has a total of 55 deviations (works of art submitted). Most of these are, once again, vulgar, if only given a curosry glance (I Googled this with my baby sister in the room, I preferred to avoid any interesting conversations). So, who is sesseur? I would like to find out.

UPDATE: Further Googling of things and stuff has brought up a YouTube channel. Almost every video has next to no views (most recently uploaded was two days ago with 39 views). This channel has roughly 1600 subscribers. The only exception to these poorly viewed videos is one uploaded 7 years ago. It has 663,000 (roughly) views, and is posted under "My Vlog". This video is entitled Jeff the Killer [Original Sory]. It seems that this is either a phantom poser trying to gain some sort of fame, or he is the one who has destroyed Creepypasta in the eyes of all who have read JtK.

I have come to the conclusion that sesseur is the uploader of JtK, although it is undecided whether or not he is the original writer. Therefore, I have found my outlet. All is well.

-The Meta