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    Currently, I'm writing a story that I need to do some research for. The story takes place in early 1960's Chicago, and revolves around a police officer who has received several phone calls for the previous few months. After one of the phone calls finally reveals the trace of the calls to have been very close by, the officer decides to go to investigate who has been calling him by himself.

    Anyway, what I would like to know is if the people on this wiki know of any primary sources or documents that could help me develop the early 1960's of Chicago. I have found some documents so far, but if anybody else knows of any possible resources about the orphanages, buildings, and the lifestyle of the people in Chicago during that time, I would be very…

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  • AGrimAuxiliatrix1

    I've been thinking about writing this post for a while, and after seeing the resurgence of a lot of contests recently, I finally decided that this might be most relevant to discuss now. Share your own thoughts below. 

    It all goes back to after I wrote The Magician's Game. I spent a lot of time on it, and, even for not really being too long of a pasta, it was my longest story and (I think) still is. However, around then and after that, a bunch of contests began to explode here on the wiki.

    Now, I'm not badmouthing contests. As a matter of fact, I've enjoyed writing for a couple of them, such as the one recently held by CrazyWords and (of course) Blacknumber's Freestyle Contest. However, I think they are starting to get a bit too out of hand a…

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  • AGrimAuxiliatrix1

    I write critiques/reviews for various pastas here, so I figured that I could branch out my audience by having this blog post to ask you what story you would like me to take a look at. I've also got some plans below for pastas I still need to review.

    Anyway, if there is any pasta (good or bad) you'd like me to review, fire away.

    Edit: I've scrapped last month's PotM reviews, mainly because:

    A: The PotM contest has been over for a while.

    B: Nobody was clamoring/requesting any of those pastas for reviews.

    I'm actually going to postpone any PotM reviews until I get my requests done.

    Next Review:

    The Demon Tobit of Delphia

    Pastas I Still Need To Review (Not in Order):

    NES Godzilla Creepypasta

    A Few Bad Apples

    Mirror Men

    Something Is Wrong

    Do Not Feed the An…

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    I am a huge fan of a writer known as Vincent V. Cava. He does a lot of horror/humor works, and has even made a couple books with short stories. However, looking at this wiki, I have noticed that many of his works, as well as many works of other authors, are absent from this wiki (granted, most of the works of Cava are absent because they are only included if you buy his novel). However, it got me wondering:

    What are the best stories that are not on this wiki?

    Personally, many of my favorite stories on my profile are not on the wiki. The following are all links to MrCreepypasta's readings of these stories.

    Little Black Bugs by Vincent V. Cava

    A very detailed and very creepy story that actually uses disgusting elements effectively.

    A Favor for a …

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  • AGrimAuxiliatrix1

    I have been reading the past winners of the Pasta of the Month title, and it inspired me to ask this question:

    What is the best Pasta of the Month and what is the worst Pasta of the Month?

    I have read most of the pastas of the month, but not "Penpal" or "Necrosleep" yet, so I can't comment on those. 

    In my opinion, the worst pasta of the month to ever win was "Lost Episodes" by Slimebeast. It was a possibly creative idea completely ruined by an awful ending, some generic "Lost Episode" tropes (which were honestly kind of expected with the core idea of this pasta), and, to be honest, a style of writing that really doesn't suit the story. The tone is usually sarcastic, which doesn't always suit horror very well.

    For me, the best pasta of the mon…

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