I just sort of remembered this topic not too long ago, and it isn't exactly a good thing.

Well, looking over 2014 movies and how people claimed that 2014 was a much better year for movies than the previous year, I noticed that 2013 had a category that it absolutely overwelmed 2014 in: Horror.

If you look at the line-up of those years, you see quite a few good to great horror movies in 2013, mixed in with just one or two truly terrible ones and a lot of mediocre ones. The ConjuringInsidious: Chapter 2MamaYou're Next, and it goes on. Yeah, there was still some bad stuff there, but there was also many good films to balance it out.

2014 has Oculus and The Babadook. Both are great, but not perfect, horror films. What other "horror" films did 2014 have? The Pyramid? OuijaParanormal Activity: The Marked OnesThe Quiet OnesLeprechuan: Origins? What happened last year?

Sure, there were some mediocre ones mixed in between, but the overpowering amount of bad films and the lack of truly good/great ones was very apparent last year, and I'm not entirely sure why it was that year in particular that happened to be so bad for the genre. My answer is obviously the fact is the fact that found-footage is still being used and is still incredibly profitable, therefore those films continually get made more and more.

Any thoughts?