I have been reading the past winners of the Pasta of the Month title, and it inspired me to ask this question:

What is the best Pasta of the Month and what is the worst Pasta of the Month?

I have read most of the pastas of the month, but not "Penpal" or "Necrosleep" yet, so I can't comment on those. 

In my opinion, the worst pasta of the month to ever win was "Lost Episodes" by Slimebeast. It was a possibly creative idea completely ruined by an awful ending, some generic "Lost Episode" tropes (which were honestly kind of expected with the core idea of this pasta), and, to be honest, a style of writing that really doesn't suit the story. The tone is usually sarcastic, which doesn't always suit horror very well.

For me, the best pasta of the month will probably be "The Showers". It has amazing pacing, is genuinely creepy, and has some of the best build-up I have ever heard.

There are my personal picks, and I'm looking forward to what other people pick.