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Critique Plans (And Requests)

I write critiques/reviews for various pastas here, so I figured that I could branch out my audience by having this blog post to ask you what story you would like me to take a look at. I've also got some plans below for pastas I still need to review.

Anyway, if there is any pasta (good or bad) you'd like me to review, fire away.

Edit: I've scrapped last month's PotM reviews, mainly because:

A: The PotM contest has been over for a while.

B: Nobody was clamoring/requesting any of those pastas for reviews.

I'm actually going to postpone any PotM reviews until I get my requests done.

Next Review:

The Demon Tobit of Delphia

Pastas I Still Need To Review (Not in Order):

NES Godzilla Creepypasta

A Few Bad Apples

Mirror Men

Something Is Wrong

Do Not Feed the Animals

60 Second War

The Last Day of October--Bookstore Horror

Internal Matters

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