I am a huge fan of a writer known as Vincent V. Cava. He does a lot of horror/humor works, and has even made a couple books with short stories. However, looking at this wiki, I have noticed that many of his works, as well as many works of other authors, are absent from this wiki (granted, most of the works of Cava are absent because they are only included if you buy his novel). However, it got me wondering:

What are the best stories that are not on this wiki?

Personally, many of my favorite stories on my profile are not on the wiki. The following are all links to MrCreepypasta's readings of these stories.

Little Black Bugs by Vincent V. Cava

A very detailed and very creepy story that actually uses disgusting elements effectively.

A Favor for a Favor by Vincent V. Cava

The best example of mixing humor and creepy elements in it. Also, the twist at the very end is absolutely brilliant.

PayDay by GoldC01n

A very clever but unsettling tale of two bank robbers and insanity. Skip to 1:03 for the actual story, the first minute is a weird little intro thing.