Ever since I made this account and had to choose the section on gender, I immediately decided not to pick one. It is mainly due to a constant issue I have had with myself that I'm finally going to talk about it. I hope somebody can read this and possibly identity with this.

Contrary to essentially everything I've ever said and my profile picture, I am, in fact, a male. Not a female.

However, my main issue with myself is that I don't feel like a male at all. In school and anywhere I went, I feel like a female trapped in the body of a male.

I seem to perfectly match with this. I don't do like sports at all, I like Katy Perry and other pop star songs, I have a fascination with make-up and fashion, I read a lot of romance novels/watch a lot of romance movies, I'm much more mature and independent than all of the guys I know, and it goes on.

I'm even attracted to both sexes.

I just wish that I wasn't the gender that I was. I feel like a female and identify with them, but because I'm male, I feel like I'm stuck with it, especially since I am still in school and things are so divided between males and females. Also, it isn't like I can change my gender or something at my age.

I should like myself as a person and be proud of who I am, but I just can't when I see myself as so feminine and wish so badly that I was of the other gender. In other words, I actively dislike myself more for being male.

Maybe one day I could do something about it, but for now, all I need is to cope with it. I found writing this post and posting a way to get some weight off my chest, and I hope people can understand where I am coming from.

Thank you for reading this.