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    December 3, 2016 by AGrimAuxiliatrix1

    Hello, all!

    I've been exceedingly inactive for the past few months. I'd pin a majority of that on disinterest; I haven't had much motivation to write or return.

    Yet, seeing as how engrossed I used to be in this Wiki, I've decided to give things another shot. I'm not as interested in writing as I used to be, but my passion for critiquing and viewing has only grown since I originally started.

    At the moment, I'd prefer not to take requests; I think having my own schedule to review what I want, whenever I want may increase my productivity. However, if anything changes, I'll make another blogpost updating my stance!

    Hope to see some familiar faces, as well as some new ones. Anyway, see all of you around!

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  • AGrimAuxiliatrix1

    I suppose it has been a while since I've been present or particularly done much on here. I might as well get back into the swing of things now.

    Judging from the flood of posts about the admins deleting stories, I can tell that not a lot has changed, but nonetheless, I am curious to see anything that has been posted on here in the past couple months or so. I can't promise reviews (as I seem to be quite terrible at fulfilling deadlines when there is no apparent or relative consequence for not doing so), but I'd still like to read them and maybe throw in a couple thoughts or two. I'm quite curious.

    I'm not entirely sure why I'm writing this. Perhaps as merely a psychological coping method; if I write a post encouraging my own productivity, then…

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  • AGrimAuxiliatrix1

    Well I'm back to doing reviews and I'm actually pretty committed to doing it now, so I figured I might as well once again ask for pastas to review. Good, bad (bad stories are really fun to write reviews for), weird, strange, you name it, I'm now ready to do them and I'll add the finished review to my long page featuring all the ones I've ever done. List them below and I will gladly do them. Thank you.

    EDIT: With the Jeff the Killer Contest over, I can start making dents in my list.

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  • AGrimAuxiliatrix1

    I just sort of remembered this topic not too long ago, and it isn't exactly a good thing.

    Well, looking over 2014 movies and how people claimed that 2014 was a much better year for movies than the previous year, I noticed that 2013 had a category that it absolutely overwelmed 2014 in: Horror.

    If you look at the line-up of those years, you see quite a few good to great horror movies in 2013, mixed in with just one or two truly terrible ones and a lot of mediocre ones. The ConjuringInsidious: Chapter 2MamaYou're Next, and it goes on. Yeah, there was still some bad stuff there, but there was also many good films to balance it out.

    2014 has Oculus and The Babadook. Both are great, but not perfect, horror films. What other "horror" films did…

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  • AGrimAuxiliatrix1

    Ever since I made this account and had to choose the section on gender, I immediately decided not to pick one. It is mainly due to a constant issue I have had with myself that I'm finally going to talk about it. I hope somebody can read this and possibly identity with this.

    Contrary to essentially everything I've ever said and my profile picture, I am, in fact, a male. Not a female.

    However, my main issue with myself is that I don't feel like a male at all. In school and anywhere I went, I feel like a female trapped in the body of a male.

    I seem to perfectly match with this. I don't do like sports at all, I like Katy Perry and other pop star songs, I have a fascination with make-up and fashion, I read a lot of romance novels/watch a lot of ro…

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