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The First Creepypasta You Read?

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So, what was the first Creepypasta you ever read? It doesn't have to be one on this site.

The first Creepypasta I ever read was Laughing Jack. I had gone home from school that day and decided to search up 'popular creepypastas'. I didn't start with Slenderman because I already sort of knew it and, honestly, it didn't really capture my attention. I didn't even look at Jeff the Killer, my friend had warned me that the thing was a pile of rubbish, and BEN Drowned was a bit too long for my tastes. So I settled on Laughing Jack. At first I thought it would be about a mental patient or something of that nature (though the mother does end up at an mental institution) but then I figured out what it was actually about. I will be honest, it is still one of my favourite pastas. It's definitely one of the better well-known ones.

So, what was your first pasta?

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