I only found out about this recently and I must say that it's not a big deal for me.

I came here to read/write creepypastas. That's what most of you people should be here for. If the only reason you bother with this wiki is for the chat then let me just say that you are ridiculous. You are making this wiki seem bigger than it is because lets face it: Only a few people bother editing things on here like they should. There are some people I only see on chat. They never do anything else. But anyway the chat shutdown isn't that big a deal. I barely go on chat and when I'm there its a mad house. People there don't have conversations, they just say random things and half the time its profanity. So I support this.

If you want to message a person remember there's still thier talk pages. Or just go chat on some other wiki. It's an easy problem to solve.

As for me staying or leaving: I'm definitly staying. I love creepypasta, I won't abandon the wiki because the chat is gone.