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aka Dreyus

  • I live in a place seemingly without logic, void of rules and filled with fear, where the end is always near...
  • I was born on September 17
  • My occupation is being a writer of elaborate and startling things, artist of the unknown and protector of people in need.
  • I am going to survive the night.
  • A. V. Christine

    Smiledog Doll

    August 16, 2014 by A. V. Christine

    I just had to post a blog for this. So, I was watching this talk show kind of thing on youtube and there’s this segment on there where the two guys that have the show receive mail from their viewers. They pull this out of the shipping box:

    A SMILE DOG DOLL! I started laughing. Well actually it's more like puppet but whatever. There was a letter with it too which they read aloud. Apparently the viewer that sent this in is a dentist and he found the doll at the place where he works. He said it was used to teach children how to take care of their teeth. I’m thinking to myself, what kind of kid would want to associate that with brushing their teeth? Also the dog’s teeth make this weird clacking sound and I know this sounds stupid but, what if…

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  • A. V. Christine

    Okay, so what is your opinion of me writing an apocalypse pasta? It will NOT be about zombies, or aliens, or a disease outbreak because that's just so common and there are so many out there already. I also won't have a large group of people involved, I want to focus on one character maybe two no more.

    So just tell me what you think.

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  • A. V. Christine

    So, what was the first Creepypasta you ever read? It doesn't have to be one on this site.

    The first Creepypasta I ever read was Laughing Jack. I had gone home from school that day and decided to search up 'popular creepypastas'. I didn't start with Slenderman because I already sort of knew it and, honestly, it didn't really capture my attention. I didn't even look at Jeff the Killer, my friend had warned me that the thing was a pile of rubbish, and BEN Drowned was a bit too long for my tastes. So I settled on Laughing Jack. At first I thought it would be about a mental patient or something of that nature (though the mother does end up at an mental institution) but then I figured out what it was actually about. I will be honest, it is still …

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  • A. V. Christine

    I only found out about this recently and I must say that it's not a big deal for me.

    I came here to read/write creepypastas. That's what most of you people should be here for. If the only reason you bother with this wiki is for the chat then let me just say that you are ridiculous. You are making this wiki seem bigger than it is because lets face it: Only a few people bother editing things on here like they should. There are some people I only see on chat. They never do anything else. But anyway the chat shutdown isn't that big a deal. I barely go on chat and when I'm there its a mad house. People there don't have conversations, they just say random things and half the time its profanity. So I support this.

    If you want to message a person re…

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  • A. V. Christine

    Okay so I'm writing this sorta story sorta creepypasta thing (It's really complicated) and I have no idea whether to put it into first person, third person, or a mix of the two.

    It involves 3 really important main characters but there are also some important scenes that don't involve any of the main 3 characters at all. Also, at the begginning the 3 main characters are seperated. There are also some scenes that involve extreme emotion and I'm not sure I can really portray the emotion with third person narrating.

    I tried having the whole thing told by only one of the 3 characters. There were a lot of gaps in the plot which made the story less chilling and more like BAM that happened and BAM this happened with no real insight. It was really co…

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