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  • My occupation is Nanny
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  • 420Fox

    Really, now?

    September 22, 2013 by 420Fox

    So, I'll be looking through recently added Creepypastas, proofreading them. I'll find one that needs editing (some more than others) and I'll open another tab to edit it. Before I publish it, I always go back to the other tab and refresh to check if someone else already edited it or not.

    What really irritates/makes me sad is when I spend quite a bit of time to clean up some atrocity that puts me in a rage and makes my eyes bleed, only to find that the page was deleted. *Flips table*

    I understand the want to have quality Pastas on the site, and no eyesore is really welcome, but some of the Pastas I fixed up (Only to find the page deleted- No need to publish now) were pretty good once you could read them without being assaulted by the Sh**ty g…

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