Okay, since I feel that I'm just handing out a bunch of free 10/10 and absurd, childish 100/10's to pastas, I have finally done what needed to be done: a pasta scoring system. 

It's split into five parts, and each part is worth ten points, for a total of 50:


Scored based on the plot: its twists, characters; basically, I am scoring the story of a pasta.


Scored based on the idea: how original the monsters (if any) are, the setting; basically, I am scoring how original a pasta is.


Scored based on the ending (because, for some pastas, the shock that comes with the pasta comes with the ending): shock value, plot twist (if any); basically, I am scoring the ending of a pasta. If you start strong, I want to see you finish strong; and if you start weak, I'm expecting you to end strong.


Scored based on quality of writing: complexity of verbs, pronouns, etc.etc., overall mood; basically, I am scoring how well a pasta is written. Grammar does not count.

Overall experience

Scored based on lasting impression pasta leaves with me. It's what it is: what did I get out of this pasta? 

Thanks for taking the time to read.