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    October 9, 2013 by 41488p

    Wow, December seems like a long way away.

    Right now, as I type this, I have a textbook and a notebook in front of me. I am doing notes for a quiz on Friday. I haven't been really doing my schoolwork as well as I wanted to, as most of my afternoons are spent on this wiki's chat.

    Anyway, I may come back onto here to edit a bit, but other than that, considered me retired for ninety days. I'm not going to put any tags on my page or anything, because I might just have a spontaneous feeling within the next three months to come onto here to edit.

    Goodbye, for now.

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    June 23, 2013 by 41488p


    Since everyone else is doing it too

    pls rate me as a VCROC member

    and shitz


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    May 31, 2013 by 41488p

    Yep. Exactly what the title says.

    I'm going to be on chat on different times from now on, since I'm moving to Washington state in the U.S. But other than that (and my ban), I should be talking with you guys in normal times, so I don't have to talk to tired people who are either waking up, going to sleep, or trying to do either one. 

    Anyways, I'm going to be on chat at GMT -8 hours, whatever that means.

    See you all in a month's time!

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    Okay, since I feel that I'm just handing out a bunch of free 10/10 and absurd, childish 100/10's to pastas, I have finally done what needed to be done: a pasta scoring system. 

    It's split into five parts, and each part is worth ten points, for a total of 50:


    Scored based on the plot: its twists, characters; basically, I am scoring the story of a pasta.


    Scored based on the idea: how original the monsters (if any) are, the setting; basically, I am scoring how original a pasta is.


    Scored based on the ending (because, for some pastas, the shock that comes with the pasta comes with the ending): shock value, plot twist (if any); basically, I am scoring the ending of a pasta. If you start strong, I want to see you finish strong; …

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    Fancy Signatures

    January 11, 2013 by 41488p

    Signatures. We all love them. The fancier they are, the fancier they are. And, of course, not only do they look good, but they are a way of leaving one's 'mark' on a page. People look at that quote or that image, and they know it's you.

    Complex signatures, like User:Furbearingbrick's signature, do have a hidden side, though.

    I'm not sure if it's just my computer, but whenever someone leaves a complex signature like Fur's on a talk page or what have you, my editor switches to Source mode because the code is too complex to be displayed on Visual mode. Sure, I can still leave messages in Source mode, but when I want to use italics or bold text, it's just not as easy as clicking a button and typing on Visual. And Source's font...

    Anyway, I'm just…

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