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Pasta of the Month?? God dang!

40FB April 3, 2016 User blog:40FB

Wow, so this is one of those moments where I really wish my Yahoo mail client worked a little better so I could've been notified sooner than this ;-___- regardless, I'm VERY flattered for the honor!

I discovered the world of Creepypasta in the summer of 2014, during maybe the most depressed period of my entire life. These stories certainly kept me up at night, and I don't read as many as I used to purely for mental health reasons, but the storytelling techniques--the way in which the writer and the subject almost become one, blurring unspeakable fact and fiction--have stayed with me in almost everything I write. I love cruising for new stories every so often, and I'm flattered that you guys think my stuff is good enough to put on the front page. 

Bah, it's almost 3, I can't write anything better than this right now. Just thank you, and may whatever pagan daemon haunts your closet spare you for another night! 

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