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  • I live in In Lylat, somewhere.
  • I was born on November 4
  • My occupation is Merc. (i'm actually a photographer lmao)
  • I am bird
  • 3krok

    I feel unwelcome

    December 6, 2012 by 3krok

    The title pretty much says it all

    about 10% of the people I've talked to here in the past fortnight have actually not ignored me or ganged up on me. This makes me feel unwelcome on Wikia and I'm debating if I should just take my leave or not.

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  • 3krok

    I usually like to write reviews of mine in detail, but on the talk page it looks like a wall of Text IMO, anyway, let's get reviewing.

    Curiosity gets the best of MK fan Layne when he goes on search for an MK Fangame worth playing, He finally finds one with about 273 characters, all is well in his eyes, but behind the seemingly normal EXE file lies a secret, something a little more than Layne bargained for.

    I originally thought that an MK Kreepypasta (Get the K -shot-) wouldn't work at all, considering that the game is already gory, and has it's own screamer known as the Krypt Monster. But this changed my perspective completely, the fact that there's a serial killer behind the game, where the player chooses who to kill when they think it's ju…

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