I understand there has been a lot of this going on. But my story has just been deleted.

What I don't understand is why the admins can't even bother to leave you a message saying your story will be deleted if you don't change this. I understand it may make your job a bit harder, but some people work hard on these stories. It hurts to think that you just find it ok to delete someones work if you find it crappy, or if they're missing one tiny thing. Couldn't you message the person telling them to fix this in a day or two or it will be deleted. Trust me, this works. On another website they do this and it leaves the Admins happy and the website usuers. 

It honsetly sickens me knowing that you are just able to delete someones work like that, espically if it is something someone worked hard on.

Writing is an art, like painting. Someone may paint a crappy horrible picture, but that doesn't mean you just toss it into a pit of fire. 

My work was deleted and I didn't have and updated copy of it saved at that moment. I lost something I worked very hard on and so did other people. I know it wasn't that bad. I know a admin had edited a few days before fixing some spelling mistakes for me. Meaning it couldn't have been that bad. I just wish before you deleted something, that you guys would tell us why.