(Warning may be spoilers) I see a lot of things on here about how this pasta isn't scary and such then the person rants about it. The person usually can't understand why people liked that pasta so much. But I do. Will maybe. This might just be me. 

I understand pastas are suppose to be scary. But just because a story isn't scary doesn't make it horrible or the worst creepypasta ever. I think a lot of times, if the story isn't scary, the people will just focus on the true terror they find. Like maybe how scary the character's feelings are in all of this because usually staories never mention how the main character usually feels if they are the killer. If they are the victiam they usually do. For example, Jeff the Killer's story isn't scary. But a lot of people, like me, like him and his story. Why? Will it's simple really. 

The story isn't scary, but the way Jeff could feel is. Like, what if Jeff actually regrates killing Lui? What if after he finally snapes, he realizes what he has done? What if the so called insane serial killer is actually fighting with his feelings inside? He could be scared, hurt, upset, and even mad at himself. What if the only reason he still kills is because he is trying to feel nothing towards his brother. The brother he killed.

That's pretty scary. A serial killer who is fighting with himself over his feelings. It just never happens often. I think that's why a lot of people get so into him and other creepypastas. They are brought in by the hidden wonders of the killers feelings towards what he is doing. Making them like the pasta. 

Will at least that's what I think. That's pretty much the reason why I like some of these 'Not scary' creepypastas.