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Day 1 on this Site

I am New To This Site.

I am a fan of the unknown and things that scare people. What I like the most while sewing the heads of the demon dolls I make, is going on youtube and listening to Creepy Pastas narrated by 'those British guys'.  ---Ok Ok Ok not only when I am sewing heads,but when I am going through the whole process of making a demon doll :)---

However I enjoy reading them by myself when I have the time, so here I am. 

Thanks to technology I Can read this on the go . I am looking forward to see what stories I can find on this site.

I have a few written but I haven't decided if i want to share them here just yet

In the Meantime... Time to make more dolls.

2014-11-22-19-06-23 deco

Kaleet and Me

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