So last night me and my friend were talking about what we thought were the scariest creepypastas. Of course 1999, The grifter, and even smile dog came up. But when my friend said SLenderman I had to disagree. Of course my friend had to ask why and being me I had to go into full detail of why I don't find him scary anymore.

I guess why I don't find him scary anymore is because of the internet. The internet took something that was once scary and made him into a big joke. They have ripped the scary tall man with no face into this famous celebrity. When you think of Slenderman nothing scary crosses your mind. If anything you think of the millions of games of him or the fact that he has become so big that people have written countless amounts of fanfics (very very disturbing fanfics.)

Another thing is his games. He has so many games. From the original Slender the eight pages to freaking Slendertubies. It's like Five Nights At Freddie's no matter how much you don't want another one they just shove it in your face. I've really only played one Slendergame and that was enough because I know all of the games have the same jump scares.

Anyway thanks guys for reading my boring blog I appreciate it. And remember stay scary my friends!

Peace Out! Abby