I went to best buy to get a skip doctor disc repair kit and it was only 30 bucks and that is a good price for a disc repair kit but the results are really good, i used a damaged copy of the incredibles that skipped on segments 3, 14 and 15 really badly and the first time i ran it it fixed segment 3 and parts of segments 14 and 15 i ran it 4 more times and the disc got better every time on repair 5 it fixed all of segment 14 and it still freezes on segment 15 but its not as bad as before. I used on other DVD's and it fixed them fairly well but i had to run a severely scratched videonow DVD 11 times so it play the disc with some skipping but not its not too bad. I give the skip doctor 8/10 because it worked as advertised and it's one of the few DVD fixers that does the job right.