I assume I might as well introduce myself to this community. And rant a little as well, since this is something I do on a regular basis.

I am usually called Daydream (as my name suggests), and I have been regularily visiting this wikia for a year or so, although my experience with paranormal/spooky lore is... Far more ancient, one could say. I have only bothered to create an account only a few months back however.

As my profile suggests, I am not too fond of sharing personal information... Although exceptions happen once in a while. I tend to talk a lot about my colourful (or mayhaps a little dark) past. This is the point of this blog post, I would assume - and any other blog posts I am going to write in the future. Which is, sharing experiences. (Perhaps there /are/ scientific explainations behind all the things that had happened years in the past after all!)

Back to the introduction. I had started reading such stories years ago, on the /x/ board of 4Chan.  I used to be easily scared, and quite gullible with that, however after pumping my poor brain with horrors and shock, I had grown to be less scared, and more curious of all those strange stories. I still do enjoy a good scare (even though I have not had one in more than a few months), as a good ol' spook has been a reason behind many sleepless nights and missed school days.

Names Daydream (as it was mentioned before), and I am trash. I blog about my vague spooky childhood memories and rant about my personal problems with hopes of gaining some help, scientific explainations and perhaps attention.

Thank you for your time. Looking forward to blogging about stuffs.